Believe and Achieve

I believe that everyone has the power to create the best life possible.  We can live our dreams, accomplish our goals and help others do the same.  It only takes one key ingredient, and that is belief.

In order to achieve anything in life we must first believe that we can.

There is a lot of literature out there about how to live your best life possible.  We have been told to figure out our desires, our goals, and our passions.  Once we figure out what they are we are then told to write them down, and read them over and over.  We are told to network and meet with people who share common goals as we.  We are encouraged to read books about great men and women and attend seminars, conferences and meetings to get the latest and greatest techniques to live our lives to the fullest.  However, no amount of books, seminars and writing of goals is going to help you if you do not believe that you can achieve having the life you want.

Personally, I have written and re-written goals out many times, and for many years.  I have read them over and over.  I have told others about my goals and even solicited help from friends and family to encourage me to reach them.  However, because I never truly believed that I could accomplish my goals, I would eventually give up.  I would avoid their phone calls when they called to see how things were going.  When I did speak to them, I would quickly change the subject when questions about my progress would come up.

This went on for a number of years until I began to realize something.  I spoke to many people in my circle of family and friends and realized they had the same issue me.  We all wanted to encourage others to be and do their best.  We wanted to see others succeed in their lives.  However, we all had a tendency to lack belief in our own individual ability to create the lives we desired.

I have a friend who is a great musician.  He always wanted to make his own music, but believed that he did not get the respect needed in the music arena.  One friend who wants to start investing, but can only see all the reason why she can’t.  I have another friend who loves computers and love helping to restore them.  But since he did not go to school for that he feels he cannot truly make it a business, even though he has over 20 years of experience doing the work.  Another friend who is multi-talented and has a heart for helping others realize their goals.  However, she feels that since she doesn’t have a degree with letters behind her name, she feels that she cannot begin the business career coaching, even though she has many years of experience working with people in this area.

All of these people are well qualified to accomplish their goals.  They all have years of hands on experience to draw from.  But the one thing that stops each of them is the belief that they can use their experience to live out their dreams.

Perhaps you have a dream you want to accomplish: a business you want to start, a class you want to take, a move to a new city you want to make, a book you want to write, a song you want to produce.  However, because of some type of limiting belief you have found ways to talk yourself out of going after that goal.  But I am here to help you begin to examine those old belief systems that have been holding you back.  It is those old self limiting beliefs that determine how we view ourselves, our lives, situations, circumstances and others.  They determine the script for how we live our lives. But we can change those beliefs and change our lives.

Are you ready for a change in your life?  Are you ready to truly reach your goals?  If you are then remember, that all things are possible!  You simply need to believe!

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