1..2…3… ACTION!

dreamstimefree_97537 (1)_Thin_Line

Is there goal in your life that you want to accomplish but haven’t figured out how?  Is there a deep rooted desire on the inside to accomplish that goal and no matter how hard you try to douse the flame the fire keeps rekindling inside?  That my friend is purpose on the inside of you telling you that it is time  to TAKE ACTION!

Often times we do not achieve our goals in life because we fail to take that first step. We can dream about a goal, fantasize about it, talk and even write about it.  However, without action there is no way to accomplish that goal.

I discovered this in my own life years ago.  I had a dream of starting a business. So, I started off by taking a course at the local college  on business plan writing.  Then came the creation of a detailed business plan. Hours of research on my competition and for funding opportunities for my business took place. Once that was all completed, I was all set and ready to go.  But in the end, the only thing I had truly accomplished was this overwhelming feeling self doubt. Seeing my plan laid out in black and white created this paralyzing force in me that became stronger than I could have ever imagined it would.    It was as if this unwanted visitor called fear showed up for dinner and would not leave..

Surely I had done everything right.  I took the course.  I wrote out my goals in detail.  I completed the business plan and a created a logo to go with it. But then I discovered that it wasn’t how I presented my ideas or goals, but what I did with those goals that mattered.  And what I did with that goal of starting a business at that time was tucked it neatly away in a drawer.  Every now and then I would pull it back out and read over it before tucking it away again.  It was a little disheartening because this is something I really wanted and had dreamed of for years.  So what happened?

It wasn’t until several years later when a major crisis appeared in my life – a job loss – that I actually decided to actually do something with my goal of being an entrepreneur.  I had nothing to lose, and despite the agony over my job loss, all I could envision was the gains in taking that business plan out again and this time really taking action.  The knock at the door came again and I could see fear on the front porch, but this time I decided not to invite him in.  Instead, with fear watching from the blinds, I sat down at the table to feast on the main course of action.   It was the best decision I have ever made.

So if you have a goal, and purpose just won’t leave you alone, don’t delay another day.  Take that first step out.  Take action.  You’ll be amazed how far it will take you.


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