Power to Get Wealth

We have the power to get wealth.  However, if this is true, why does it seem to elude so many people – myself (at times) included?  This thought came to me one day while driving.  I decided to delve deeper into it when I got home.

I was then immediately reminded of the story of the talents.  So it goes that there was a certain master preparing to leave on a trip.  Prior to leaving he called his three servants forth to distribute talents (translated as money) to each, according to their ability to handle such finances.  To one he gave five talents, to another two and to another one.  Then he went on his way.

The servant with five talents immediately invested his talents and doubled his money.  The same did the servant with two talents.  The servant with one talent however, was different.  Instead of investing his talent, he buried in the ground for safe keeping.

When the master returned from his trip, he once again called his three servants forth to give an account of how they handle the talents given to them.  The servants with five talents showed his master that he doubled the money.  The master was well pleased with that servant and gave him more to handle.  The same was the case for the servant with two talents.

It then came time for the servant with one talent to give his account to the master.  That servant showed that he had not done anything with the talent that was given him, stating that he was fearful of losing it all.  The master was angry to see this and told that servant that he should have at least placed that talent in the bank to accrue interest.  Then the master took that talent away from that servant and gave it to the servant who had five talents.

When looking at this story I wonder how many people are like the servant with one talent.  Instead of using that talent to better or increase their life, they have it buried away for safe keeping, fearful of losing it all.

There are singers who never sing.  There are artist who never paint a portrait and writers who never write.  We read books, watch how to videos, and attend conventions to gain knowledge and resources that we tuck away in our subconscious minds or on bookshelves or in attics.

We are fearful that things will not work out if we try.  That our past attempts and failures are set in stone and define who we are.  We believe we are not good enough, not smart enough, not talented enough.

So we do nothing. We let time and opportunity pass us by.

But what would happen if we make the conscious decision to uncover the things we have buried for safe keeping?  Could it be that if we use our gifts, talents, resources and creativity that doors will begin to open for us and streams of income will come our way?

We do have the power to get wealth.  But it comes with using what we have been given – those unique gifts, talents and abilities that are bottled up inside.  It’s time to let them out and go get the wealth that awaits us.



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