Writing is freedom

Writing has always been therapeutic to me. I write when I am sad. I write to get my thoughts out. I write to rant about things that upset and annoy me. I also write when I am happy. I write to express my joys and to remember all of my wonderful experiences in life. Writing is something I have always done. It’s the deepest part of me-writing. It shows in essence who I am unlike any other thing I have ever done. And if you have ever been around an artist you will know that showing that part of you that no one can see unless they truly see your artwork, is a little scary.

I started this blog as a way to encourage others. But each time I actually wrote something, it felt like I was exposing myself. And who wants to be exposed, for the world to see? The very thought of it sent me into hiding. So I tried a different approach- I tried to not put so much of me, but others in my writing. But it didn’t feel real. It didn’t feel authentic. I had to take a step back and realize that in order to truly be free to express myself, I would have to allow myself to be exposed. It’s a journey that’s scary and exciting at the same time. And hopefully as I share my journey with you, I can encourage you through my words.

See writing for me is the outlet through which I breathe. Without it I would suffocate. And day by day I am learning that it is okay to let others see the real me that comes through my words. I have been afraid to expose myself in times past. However it’s in that exposure, that vulnerability, that allows me to truly be free to be me. And I hope it inspires you to be you along the way, to be free to be you.


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